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Network Marketing Legends Paula Pritchard and Kathy Robbins Inspire Audiences Around The World

Paula Pritchard and Kathy Robbins -Top Network Marketing Experts Worldwide

Specializing in Team Building, Leadership Speaking and Network Marketing Training Presentations to Help Audiences Achieve truly Owning Yourself!

For your next event, bring in Kathy Robbins or Paula Pritchard To Help Your Team Move To The Next Level Of Growth With Enhanced Leadership Training.

Paula and Kathy are some of the most active team building leaders worldwide.  With over 40 years of experience they are some of the most influential in this industry.   They not only teach how to do-They DO IT!

Kathy Robbins and Paula Pritchard, Global Network Marketing Leaders.

Learn Paula and Kathy’s Best Team Strategies For:

  • Creating Leads/What type of people are you looking for?

  • Discipline/What is your Time Worth?

  • Develop a network marketing strategy

  • Network Marketing Etiquette

  • Attitude-Belief-Commitment

  • Recruiters vs. Leaders

  • How to Develop Leaders

  • Get Them In…Keep Them In….Move Them Forward

Are You Still Trying To Figure It Out?


Paula Pritchard and Kathy Robbins are two people that have, over a period of forty years, produced hundreds of millions of dollars of sales revenues in their downline organizations for the companies that they represented. These are not people that are into ‘oral networking’ (like to talk about it) but the ultimate in delivering the goods. Their success has been based on helping others become leaders in the field by showing them how to do it and then standing beside them, watching until those people are able to successfully pass on those skills to others. 


Success in Network Marketing are dependent upon programs ‘duplicating’ a constant supply of new leaders and customers to underpin growth. The ability to duplicate leadership skills is the difference between success and failure for many programs.

Leadership Topics:

  • Self Check-How are you doing so far?

    • Have you started on your Vision work?

    • Have you created your Dream Board?

    • Are you tracking your Daily Progress?

    • Are you leading by Example?

    • Have you written down your Goals?

  • It Takes A Leader-The Secret Of Success

    • Have a vision and communicate it clearly

    • Don’t wait for others to do it for them

    • Set a good example…and more


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What People Are Saying

Your accomplishments are a true measure of genuine heartfelt dedication to the task. Thanks again from all of us.

Jay Martin, Founder & President NSA

I wanted to thank you so much for the training and leadership that you have provided for all of our events this year. Your knowledge of the business, your training skills and your ability to inspire and motivate have made such a difference to so many people. We are so appreciative of your willingness to share your expertise and incredible experience.

Susan Elliott, Former V.P. Distributor Relations Quorum International, USA

The knowledge I have received from both of you is invaluable. I can personally say that it has helped me tremendously in my understanding of marketing in general and network marketing in particular. I sincerely appreciate both of you, Kathy and Paula, for the privilege of learning from you.  I recommend your book everywhere we go.

Stan Crews, Founder and CEO OwnerTel, USA

Choose a network marketing speaker who will inspire your audience to new levels of success. Contact Paula or Kathy today for your next leadership event!